Nathans | Portfolio

Hey I'm Nathan 👋

I've been a problem-solving enthusiast since I was a wee bambi. In my spare time, I convert concepts from frontend-mentor into fullstack applications. You can often find me chatting and helping with like-minded members of various online communities. Professionally by trade I'm a software engineering consultant currently with Visual Boston. However, I'm always open to new & enticing problems to solve so let’s connect at [email protected] .


Visual Boston - Fullstack Developer

Working with VisualBoston allowed me to work with a team of talented digital product experts focused on all aspects of the software life-cycle. which lead me in many directions from implementing interactive designs to working with complex & intricate micro-serivces.

Web Revived - Frontend Developer

My Time at Web Revived started of with small, young & enthusiastic team which taught me how to interact with others team members and work with them efficently & how to plan & execute making web-apps.

What I've Worked with

  • React React
  • Svelte Svelte
  • Vue.js Vuejs
  • Next.js Next
  • Nuxt.js Nuxt
  • Quasar Quasar
  • Gatsby Gatsby
  • React Query React Query
  • Redux Redux
  • React Hook Form React Hook Form
  • p5.js p5.js
  • Tailwind CSS TailwindCss
  • Windi CSS WindiCss
  • Vite Vite
  • Fastify Fasitfy
  • Express Express.js
  • NestJS Nestjs
  • Sequelize Sequelize
  • Prisma Prisma
  • TypeScript Typescript
  • Deno Deno js
  • Strapi Strapi
  • Docker Docker
  • Vercel Vercel
  • Vultr Vultr
  • Cloudflare Cloudflare
  • Neovim Neovim
  • Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code
  • Gitpod Gitpod